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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can be one-time, ongoing or a remedial public relations plan. It includes many facets of your business and bases its strategy, tactics and objective in a qualitative/quantitative research study which is also included in your strategic plan. Limited to 90 day, or 180 day timelines. 



Add a creative element to your project by hiring a professional to help your words communicate with purpose. Davis has been writing ad copy, scripts and company memorandums, in addition to publications, for more than 11 years. She tested in the top 10% for grammar, spelling and punctuation in literacy skills tests taken by over a million creative peers.

Social Media for Business


Many small businesses today miss out on the most effective advertising and branding resource available to them because it's too time consuming. Davis effectively organizes, builds and advises small businesses in managing their social media. She is knowledgeable and well-versed in the newest platforms, and which medium will offer the most metric gain and reach to the audience a business is seeking.




Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is another marketing resource that Davis uses to help small business owners realize their maximum demographic reach. Davis educates her clients on the tools available to them that larger companies are using to effectively market their brands and grow their online presence. 


Graphic Design


Graphic design services are offered for any medium or platform, print or web. Davis is proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator, as well as other Adobe software. See the Portfolio page for samples of designs. 




Davis uses a Nikon 750 & D5100 DSLR and has been practicing photography since 2002.